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Nord Patron by SparklyFarts
Nord Patron

OK, So I attempted to make my own personal rendition of Teldryn’s former Nord patron, who I refuse to name. Apparently I am incapable of making a middle-aged, “real Nord type” man without having him wind up looking like Ulfric. I mean, even a Dunmer said it in the game “All Nords look the same to him”

I went by Teldryn’s description of him, the stereotypical light haired, fair skinned man with a beard, tattoos (albeit poorly drawn) and scars. I gave him careless, weathered and fraying blonde hair and thick, masculine eyebrows. I also figure he probably has a gold tooth somewhere. He’s taller than Teldryn, and probably more muscular. 

As for personality, I also went with Teldryn’s description. Bloodthirsty, stubborn, and decided to make him brusque but with a strange sort of charisma and insanity that Teldryn was helplessly drawn to. I also imagine him to have very sleepless but intense blue eyes (a fine contrast to Teldryn’s reds) that wrinkled into crows feet when he smiled (something that Teldryn had no idea he’d find so attractive)

Kinda makes me think how Teldryn would react if he saw Ulfric. He’d probably hate him twice as much. 

Emotion, Regret by SparklyFarts
Emotion, Regret
For those as obsessed with man-tears as I am, here’s some sorrowful Sero for everyone. Teldryn seems like the kind of guy who has to maintain a very high level of machismo or fortitude, but has a very soft heart underneath. Something will destroy him but he won’t let it show until he’s alone where even then he finds it embarrassing to express his pain. The whole tough-guy act is what keeps him in business.


I'm Going To Fuck That
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RIP Lady, my little girl. Wherever you are I hope it's full of steaks and bacon. 
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