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N'avoir De La Honte by SparklyFarts
N'avoir De La Honte
Finished product from what was a simple profile of Chac’s face. I’m very happy with how this came out, even if I didn’t really put a background in it. One of Chac’s quirks is to walk around in a brightly patterned sarong, which is common for men in Valenwood, but in Skyrim Chac has to constantly convince guards and townsfolk that he is not wearing a dress. It becomes common fare to see Chac on his property in town wearing garish “skirts” and nothing else. 
Mr. Pinup by SparklyFarts
Mr. Pinup
Chac gets naked for the camera! I’ve always had this image in my head of Chac posing in this position for his lovers, letting his dreads fall everywhere and flail when he turns his head. I like how his hair came out this time, it looks pullable.… << NSFW version on Tumblr.
Legs Up
Drawing legs is tough, even with a reference. Chac has a great admiration for Cicero’s slender, acrobatic form, his legs in particular. Putting Cicero in lacy pantyhose would do something tremendous to him, especially in his old Jester boots (Which was the fixation of his musing for quite a while) and I’m sure Cicero would eat up the attention like candy.
Pallor Colored by SparklyFarts
Pallor Colored
Because I liked the original so much, I colored this pretty thing in. Cicero has a very unusual face that, upon cleaning up and taking off his facade, became an intense source of attraction for Chac. To Chac, Cicero reminded him of a small marble statue, one that could be found littering the Imperial city. He’s so different from the rough, virile man he married; an androgynous little Pierrot. He’d be lying if he said he thought it was love at first sight, because it wasn’t. It was a rollercoaster ride of a relationship, starting as strangers, to brothers in arms, to enemies, to master and servant only to blossom into such an intense love it rattled everything Chac held dear in his life.  To salvage what remains of Cicero’s humanity becomes one of Chac’s greatest undertakings of all time.
That Wretched Bastard by SparklyFarts
That Wretched Bastard

Decided to draw another bust shot of my rendition of Teldryn’s former patron Nord. I went on his vague description of him; tattoos on his face, covered in animal skins, big and brutish. He also does wind up looking like Ulfric, which actually plays a big role in Chac and Teldryn’s friendship storyline. 

Headcanon: He’s an incredibly rough person, with an “insatiable bloodlust” and unending stubbornness. I wanted him to be further up in his years, showing signs of his age with graying hair and sleepless eyes, further making his “honorable suicide” that much more believable, not wanting to become a pwashed up old man. Still, he’s got an amazing magnetism about him. A roguish smile (and his gold tooth) and big, handsome muscles that always attracted the ladies of Skyrim to HIM instead of Teldryn. Still, he is incapable of maintaining a romantic relationship, his sociopathic tendencies keeping his “love” to short trysts that fizzle out quickly. He stays out of cities and busy towns, preferring his life among the wilds of Skyrim where he is more ferocious than any beast. 

But he couldn’t make the journeys alone; he preferred to keep his hired followers strong, intimidating males. Constantly having to hire new ones because of them leaving due to “working conditions”, he comes across Teldryn in the slums of the Grey Quarter. He looked stronger than any other Dunmer, and his price was reasonable. Unable to tolerate one another for the first few months, Teldryn wondered how he ever managed to keep from killing the Nord with all of their instances of arguments. He stuck to it for the money, and maybe for the sheer excitement of it all..and soon enough their differences become something they both became enamored with. His patron comes to realize that he’d hired the only companion he’d ever want from then on, and likewise Teldryn begins to fight off the idea that this crazy man just could be the one he’d follow til the end of his days. 

Teldryn wasn’t ready to accept it, but even more so, his patron felt true terror about what he’d started to think of his Dunmer companion. He decides that death would be a better choice than to give in to what he was becoming. Selfishly he ends his life after facing his fear, leaving Teldryn in love, and desperately alone. 



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